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Parenting Stories

I wanted to tell you about our exciting weekend. As you can imagine, with the size of the garage sale we were having, there was a lot of preparation to be done. I had my week scheduled down to the minute.

Ashley was scheduled for a test on Thursday at a Children's Hospital that was an hour away. We found out that she would need to return on Friday for a second part of the test. Not a problem. I was already scheduled to help with the Thanksgiving Feast at my son's school, but I could leave in time to make it to the hospital for the final part of the test.

My youngest son asked if he could leave school early and go with me to take Ashley to the hospital. Being the fun (AKA, crazy) mom that I am, I let him leave early and accompany us to the hospital.

A five minute test turned into three hours of waiting for the Radiologist to read the test and give us a CD to take on our trip up north. Everyone was getting tired and hungry. We finally get the all clear to leave and so we headed to the closest drive-thru.

We were getting on the highway at 5:30 PM on a Friday afternoon. I don't think we could have picked a worse time to drive home. I felt like I was ahead of the whining game, as two of my kids sat in the back of the van, happily munching on Happy Meals.

About 25 minutes into the stop and go traffic, my dear 8 year old, announces that he has a headache and doesn't feel well. Thinking this was one of those false alarms, I tell him that we should be in better traffic soon. Just in case, my co-pilot (my mom) passes back the bag that our food came in.

Just then, the unthinkable happens. You moms know the sound. The sound of a the Thanksgiving Feast going the wrong direction. Thinking that we were covered with our bag idea, I continued to drive with one eye on the bumper-to-bumper traffic and one eye on my son, who is now an interesting shade of green.

It gets worse. Apparently, a paper bag made in some factor, by a company with the lowest bid, is not the best receptacle for an eight-year-olds Thanksgiving Feast. The bag broke!

Luckily, I was in the left lane, so I quickly navigated my way to the emergency lane. If ever a person qualified to use the emergency lane, I figured this was it.

I ordered my son out of the car and instructed him to strip his pants off and put on his pilgrim costume, which luckily was still in the car. He got shy, and couldn't imagine taking his clothes off with hundreds of cars crawling by us on both sides. This was no time for modesty!

I get him back in the van, half dressed like a pilgrim and hand him the only good container I have left for car sickness, a crock- pot. Look people, don't judge me. This situation called for desperate measures. I figured the crock- pot would be a bit more sturdy than the bag, should another emergency arise.

We continued the hour long drive home (with the windows down) and then the clean-up began.

Isn't this parenting thing fun???!!! I'm telling you it is just a laugh a minute. I don't remember being warned about any of this in our parenting classes.

If you are driving over the Thanksgiving holiday, be prepared.....pack a bucket.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

God bless,
Lori Steinkamp Lassen

P.S.-Don't get worried if I invite you over for dinner and it is served in the crock-pot. He felt much better once the traffic started moving and didn't need to use it.

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