Bob and Charlyne's Blog - from the heart of a restored marriage

Bob & Charlyne's Blog - from the heart of a restored marriage

Lessons Learned At The 5 P.M. Whistle

One afternoon last week Charlyne had gone with me to a late doctor's appointment. As often happens, my doctor was running extremely late.

The patient before us was an elderly lady on a walker who was accompanied by her son. It was almost 5 P.M. when they were checking out. Just as they reached the office door, a secretary came running after them. Apparently the man had paid in cash and had given her $20 too much. She had come out to return the extra $20 bill.

The employee, the patient and her son had stopped in the doorway to discuss the money. While the employee was showing the man the money he had handed her, he thanked her for being honest and asked her to divide the $20 with three co-workers visible in the front of that office. Before anything else could be said, 5 P.M. arrived and the three co-workers pushed their way past the patient and his mother standing in the doorway. They were in such a rush to get out of work they almost went over the patient.

My wife and I saw quite a contrast. On one hand, an honest employee literally chased down a patient and her son to return a cash overpayment. We also saw three employees so anxious to leave work they had to inconvenience a patient who shuffled on a walker. None of the three employees knew that man had just given each of them five dollars a few seconds prior.

After watching that scenario I had to ask myself if I ever got in such a hurry to do things my way that I missed a blessing the Lord had for me. I suspect that at some time all of us have been guilty of something like that.

Charlyne and I pray that you will not get in such a hurry for your marriage restoration that you can't take time for what God puts in the doorway of your life. He gives every one of us blessings as well as opportunities to minister to others when we slow down and do things His way.

Had those three employees been patient for half a minute, instead of pushing their way through the door, they would have left for the day with five dollars in their pockets and feeling good both about an honest co-worker and about a patient's family who rewarded that honesty. May you and I learn to be patient as we wait on God.


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