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At some point, most of us have been in the marker for a new car. We shopped the ads and then negotiated for the best deal. Finally, the vehicle was ours, ready to be shown off to our friends and neighbors. We maintained the car, inside and out, in the hope of keeping it looking like it did on the day it was new. Each month we faithfully made our car payment, with an eye to the day it would be paid off.

For many years, we had the oil changed and recommended maintenance done on the car. As a result, almost every time we turned the key, the car started and took us where we needed to go.

Granted, the vehicle is now a few years old, but the idea of having no car payment overrides our desire to buy a replacement. Besides, the car is almost like a member of our family. Finally, some new car attracts our attention and we trade in the old car in the hopes it will become dependable transportation for someone who is struggling financially. Maybe it will become a young person's first vehicle and they will have as much pride in the car as we have had for a few years.

Times have changed. Now our incentive to buy a car comes not from Detroit, but from Washington, when politicians want to hand us a fist full of someone else's tax money for the down payment on a car that we neither can afford nor really need.

What happens to our old car? Will it ever make its way to a teen? Yes it certainly will. In fact, a couple of teen aged grease monkeys working for a car dealer will have their dream job, as they intentionally destroy the engine of our used car, along with dozens of others, making certain they will never carry anyone a single mile again.

More died than just our car. Someone's dream of owning an inexpensive used car also died. It might have been the vehicle that carried them to work, allowing them to get off of welfare. It could be transporting a student to school to get an education for their future. It could have gotten an a mother, abandoned by divorce, and her small children out of the rain at a bus stop.

Yes, it could have, but Washington knows what is best for families, so we will continue turning over our cars (and our rights) in exchange for government help.


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