"Why Did I Stop Receiving Charlyne Cares?"

Do you use Yahoo! Mail?

Many Charlyne Cares subscribers who use Yahoo! Mail have been reporting that they are no longer receiving the daily devotions and we have determined that Yahoo! Mail is placing the devotions in users’ Bulk Mail folders instead of their Inbox folders. In order to ensure that Charlyne Cares continues to be delivered to your Yahoo! Mail Inbox, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Yahoo! Mail
  2. Click the "Address" tab
  3. Click "Add Contact"
  4. Enter "Charlyne Cares" or something else to help you remember what the address is used for in the first of the Name boxes
  5. Enter "no-reply@rejoiceministries.org" in the Email box
  6. Click the "Save" button

That’s all there is to it! The From address for Charlyne Cares is now in your Yahoo! Address Book, which means that the devotions should be delivered to your Inbox instead of your Bulk Mail folder. If our messages continue to go to your Bulk Mail folder, you should contact Yahoo! directly to explain what is happening. Contact information for Yahoo! along with additional troubleshooting steps may be found by clicking the “Help” link in the upper right-hand corner of the Yahoo! Mail screen.

We recommend that you check your Bulk Mail folder in Yahoo! Mail regularly to ensure that messages you want to receive aren’t going into that folder instead of the Inbox. If Yahoo! Mail places a message in the Bulk Mail folder that is not spam, you should open the message and click the “Not Spam” button at the top or bottom of the message. Also, please always unsubscribe from any mailing list that you no longer want to receive instead of marking the messages from that list as spam. We want you to continue receiving our daily devotions, but if you ever want to unsubscribe you may do so from the bottom of any Charlyne Cares message.

For over ten years, Charlyne Cares messages have been sent out each day. If you have stopped receiving them, it is not because of anything we have done. Most likely, it is because of a spam filter in place on your computer, or in use by your Internet Service Provider.

These messages are sent out by an automated system. After you subscribed, you received a confirmation email from the system. As soon as you replied to that email, to verify that you had subscribed, you were on our list to receive daily messages. You will remain on that list until one of two things happen:


We pay a private company to send them. That company has signed a “white paper,” or anti-spam agreement with the major Internet Service Providers, assuring that spam will not be sent out, and that requested messages will be delivered.

Many Internet Service Providers offer customers an adjustable level of filtering messages that may appear to be spam. If the level on your computer is set too high, daily Charlyne Cares may be rejected, or bounced, back to the system. Once your mail bounces for three consecutive issues, the system assumes your mail cannot be delivered and you are unsubscribed. If messages are returned three consecutive time for any other reason, such as a full mailbox, you are also unsubscribed.

This seems to be a problem especially for customers of AOL and of free email services. If you have another email address, you may want to subscribe that address instead of using the one causing problems for you.

Please understand that with thousands of subscribers, we have no control over individual issues. Likewise, we do not stop sending a subscriber Charlyne Cares.

If you have stopped receiving Charlyne Cares, the first step is for you to go to the Charlyne Cares page and re-subscribe. Please remember to reply to the confirmation email that you will receive. If your messages from us do not re-start, or if they stop again, you need to check your security settings, or have your Internet Service Provider to help you.

Please remember that you can also read back issues of Charlyne Cares from the Charlyne Cares page until you or your Internet Service Provider have the problem corrected.

Please remember also that your free subscription to Charlyne Cares is self-maintained. There are directions on the bottom of each issue on how to change your email adress. Since the distribution is automated, the subscriber is responsible for maintaining his or her own account. It is not enough to contact us or submit a prayer request using the new e-mail address - you must change your Charlyne Cares subscription e-mail address separately using the information found at the bottom of every devotional.

We are sorry your email from us is not being delivered, but there is nothing else we can do when Charlyne Cares is being rejected after it is sent to you.

Thank you for wanting to continue to receive these words of encouragement. We pray that God will help you to solve this problem.

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