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5 Ways to Focus on Your Marriage This Summer

Happy summer! Don’t you just love this time of year? The sun sets later, inviting us to stay outside longer. It’s a time for vacations, kids snacking all day long, and pure fun! While your job may not change much, for many, it means a slower pace at work, allowing more time for family and personal activities.

When my four kids were younger, I tried to be intentional about summer plans so they wouldn’t get bored or argue with each other. I bought them summer bridge books so they could keep up with school (ask me how that went), made bucket lists, and tried to plan ahead, hoping to keep harmony in our home.

Summer can be a time when discontent breeds. You can look at your friends’ social media and get jealous that your family isn’t going on vacation this year. Or maybe you are being overcome by loneliness now that your close friend has moved away. You can make it a great summer, but you need to be intentional. Regardless of what your summer schedule looks like, I want to share some summer rules of marriage with you so you can start the summer off focused on the amazing covenant that God gave you. 


    1. Compliment your spouse every day. Find something kind to say. Do you love how your spouse looks when playing with your kids? How about that new shirt? Is that new haircut doing something for you? Tell your spouse! Don’t just appreciate how hard they work every day providing for the family; lavish your honey with compliments.
    1. Be quick to forgive. There are going to be disagreements. Married couples are made up of two imperfect people. When there is disunity in your relationship, run towards forgiveness. Instead of the silent treatment, race to be the one who closes the gap and forgives or offers forgiveness.
    1. Fight for physical intimacy in your marriage. There are going to be seasons where intimacy is more challenging (postpartum, teenagers running around the house or illness for a few examples), but instead of going to bed back-to-back, make an effort to flirt and keep the intimacy alive in your marriage. Get creative. If you both go to bed exhausted after working all day, wake up a few minutes earlier and enjoy a snuggle before facing the world. Remember that intimacy is more about giving than receiving. How can you bless your spouse in this area?
    1. Don’t resort to nagging. If you have an area of your marriage that is challenging, ask the Lord to help you spend more time praying for your spouse rather than nagging your spouse. We need to be willing to let some things go. Did the yard not get mowed because your hubby forgot to do it? Did you have to wear dirty socks to work because your wife told you she was doing the laundry but forgot to put the clothes in the dryer? Give grace. We all have areas of growth that need to happen in our lives. Find a way to talk about the challenging areas in a way that says, “I want to help you, not wound you.” More praying and less nagging is always a win!
    1. Have fun together! Life can be challenging. Bills piling up, broken cars, sick kids, the pressure to cook dinner daily and 4,765 other things can make you exhausted. Spending time putting effort into your marriage may feel like another job, but when you make it fun, your relationship can become an escape and sanctuary from the craziness of life. Make a plan for fun. Grab your phones and connect your calendar to determine when to carve out time together.

You have a choice every day. Will you keep choosing your spouse and your marriage, or let the enemy slip in with whispers of discontentment and unfulfilled feelings?

Make it a great summer with the love of your life!

God bless,




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23 days ago

This is a great list of things to read to prepare for the restoration!

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