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A Changed Heart

So, I tell you to ask for things in prayer. And if you believe that you have received those things, then they will be yours. When you are praying, and you remember that you are angry with another person about something, then forgive him. If you do this, then your Father in heaven will also forgive your sins.”  Mark 11:24-25 (ICB)

Daniel looked around cautiously. So far, he had been able to avoid Drew, the bully in the next grade who had made his year miserable last school term. He could still see Drew shoving his elbow at him in the lunch line, innocently sticking out his foot at recess to trip him, standing by his locker to take whatever he could. Daniel had taken the abuse for a while but he had finally told his mom about it halfway through the year. She had told him that Drew’s actions were wrong and he needed to report it to the principal. Daniel didn’t want to do that. He knew that Drew would know it was him who tattled.

Then Mom said something he thought was absolutely crazy. She said they needed to pray for Drew. What? Pray for Drew? Someone who was doing wrong things and seemed to have no guilt about it? Someone who was making his life miserable? Someone who was making it so that he dreaded coming to school some days? Pray for him?

Then you know what she said? She said to forgive him! Huh? He didn’t deserve to be forgiven. Drew was the one who was being a bully. He was the one who was doing wrong and he didn’t even feel bad about it. Forgive him for that? And Daniel was not about to pray for him, no matter what Mom said.

Mom told Daniel it was OK if he couldn’t pray for him right now. She would. She said she had learned that sometimes people are the way they are because the enemy has them under their control and the only way out is for somebody to pray for them. She told him that Jesus loves ALL people, and wants them all to come to Him, even the sinners.

Jesus heard this and said to them, “Healthy people don’t need a doctor. It is the sick who need a doctor. I did not come to invite good people. I came to invite sinners.”  Mark 2:17 (ICB)

When that final bell rang last year, Daniel was relieved. Twelve weeks without being pushed or poked or made fun of. Twelve weeks without having to worry about where Drew was and what he was doing. Twelve weeks of nothing to worry about but who he was going swimming with and when his best friend was going to spend the night.

As the new school year approached however, Daniel started to worry again. Drew would be even bigger this year and Daniel could just imagine the things he had planned and plotted to do to him this year. He talked to his mom about his concerns.

She told Daniel that she had been praying for Drew all summer and then asked him if maybe he didn’t want to pray for him, too. Daniel thought about how they had been praying for Dad and how that felt so right, even though Dad was doing wrong things right now. He believed that the Lord could touch and change Dad. Why not Drew?

So a few weeks before school started, Daniel started praying for Drew. That he would come to know Jesus. That he would have a kinder, gentler heart this year. That Jesus would help Daniel to forgive.

“Daniel!” The shout rang out above all the other clamor in the hallway. Daniel knew it was Drew and he sent up a quick prayer reminding Jesus of what he had prayed about. Drew caught up with Daniel by his locker. Daniel was waiting for the bullying to start. But to his surprise it didn’t. Drew apologized!

“Hey buddy,” he started. “I’m sorry for how I messed with you last year. I’m not sure why I thought it was so much fun. It was wrong. I know that now. Can you forgive me?”

Unable to speak, Daniel simply nodded. “Thanks,” Drew said. “Want to play some football?” As Daniel and Drew walked together to the playground, a thought was cemented in Daniel’s heart. God DOES answer prayers!

Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.  James 5:16 (NLT)

God bless

A Stander in Nebraska


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