December 2017 - Rejoice Pompano Bible Study

A Restored Marriage

This is a video of the remarriage of Cari and Ryan that had divorced. Ryan entered into a non-covenant marriage and at that time Cari was standing and thought there was no hope. But God!!! Watch a beautiful service that is a testimony to the work of our Lord, and hear a pastor speak about the covenant of marriage. Don’t ever give up on what the Lord has called you to do. He is still in the business of healing hearts and lives and turning prodigals toward home.

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1 year ago

My husband wants to leave me. 30 years of marriage..
This helped me to hold on and believe no prodigal is too hard hearted….
Is anything to hard for the Lord. Thank you for sharing these difficult times
so that others will have hope… that it is not too late…or impossible because
God is working… He never stops working… PRAISE GOD !

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