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Are You Fully Committed to Your Marriage?

Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.  Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; whoever sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life. Galatians 6:7-8

I want to share a story my dad wrote. I think his words explain so well the dangers that happen when we try to live with a foot in two worlds.

~ Lori

Some time ago, a cute calico kitten showed up outside our back door.  Even though neither of us is a big animal lover, the kitten was just too adorable to ignore.  We justified that since the abandoned home next door to us was scheduled to be demolished, it might be good to have an outdoor cat to watch out for rodents.  That week, and every week since, cat food has been on Charlyne’s shopping list.

Our delighted grandchildren quickly named the kitten “Boots.” Their visits soon consisted of coming in the front door and running through the house with, “Hi Grandma and Grandpa, is Boots here?” Delivered in one sentence, they would be out the back door in search of the cat.  Many times their attention to a cat seemed to exceed their attention to grandparents.

Before long, we discovered that Boots was a tomcat.  One day we took him to the vet for testing, shots, and a procedure.  Boots came home with less that evening.

Our twin grandchildren, Kyle and Kayla, were visiting one day recently and wanted to go and play with the boy who lives behind us.  Kyle discovered they had been on the same ball team.  We have only a wave relationship with those neighbors.  A huge hedge separates our two lawns.

While playing with the neighbor kid, Kayla saw Boots walking through the yard and called him by name.

“That’s not Boots,” the other boy shouted, “That’s Sonny.”

It turned out that Boots, also known as Sonny, was leading a double life.  We, along with the neighbors, were claiming him and providing for him.

Is what I did before our divorce, and what millions of other spouses are doing, much different than what that cat was doing?  We have a home, yet we are out looking for something different, something more, a new thrill.

There is a huge difference, yet so many straying spouses have chosen to live like tomcats.  I am not proposing a trip to “the clinic” for wayward prodigals, but I am suggesting that all of us strive to get our lives and our marriages in alignment with what we know God expects.  We must strive for what He demands of obedient children, and what we know is right.

What makes us different than tomcats?  We have a soul and were created by God to follow principles for life that He has given us in the Bible.  Sadly, many of us are guilty of going through life with the morality of a tomcat.

Beyond simply keeping our thoughts and urges under control, you and I stood with our mates and were pronounced husband and wife.  On that day, we made promises to our spouse and to our God that we have broken.  That, my friend, is a very serious matter.  It is serious, but it can be corrected.

“I can’t help it.  I just do it.” Is that you or the tomcat talking?

A cat claiming two families is funny, but for a child of God to be doing it is frightening, frustrating, futile, and could even be fatal.  It needs to stop immediately.  Confess it to the Lord, and seek His forgiveness.  He will forgive once you repent of (turn away from) attempting to live two lives.

I have to run.  I think I hear the neighbor’s cat wanting to eat.  I pray that I have given you something to think about.

That cat story took place many years ago, but let me tell you that our family laughs hysterically at least twice a year at the fact my parents accidentally had someone else’s cat neutered.

While that story is funny, like my dad said, the fact that today husbands and wives are attempting to live the high life of Sonny with a foot in two worlds is no laughing matter.

Sin comes with consequences. Where is your focus today? If your focus is not on your marriage and cultivating the love, respect, and godly marriage Christ wants you to have, you will never reach that goal.

If you are giving time and attention to something that is moving you away from your spouse, make the decision today to stop. That may be another person, or it may be something like a job or a hobby.

Invest in your marriage fully and watch how Jesus continues to strengthen the bond between you and your spouse.

~ Lori

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