Mark 10 Nine

Are you happily married and looking for tips on maintaining a God-honoring marriage? This weekly devotional will give you encouragement for your marriage.

Are You Using the Bible to Transform Your Marriage?

He did what was right in the eyes of the Lord and followed completely the ways of his father David, not turning aside to the right or to the left.  2 Kings 22:2

My husband and I had volunteered to escort a group of high-schoolers as they did a college-for-a-weekend trip to a university 800 miles from home. My husband got sick the day we were leaving, so I had to be the primary driver for this small busload of students.

We were only on the highway for a few minutes when I realized this bus had no cruise control option. The bus I was following was driven by a friend who loved to make the whole trip with only one stop. I held my foot on that gas pedal for hours, never letting up. When we reached a gas station, my knee was so sore I could hardly walk. I realized how reliant I had become on driving a car with a cruise control option.

Having cruise control for my temporary role as a bus driver would have been super helpful that day, but in life, we can face many dangers if we go through on cruise control. It can look like a life lived passively, without direction or importance.

A marriage and family on cruise control, living life on their own, is a recipe for destruction. While a passive life may not feel fulfilling, passivity and boredom are often what lead people to sin in their marriages.

We have the manual for living a fulfilling life laid out for us in the Bible. God’s Words to us are not just to be a tool we reach for when we need a pick-me-up, but instead, it should be our goal that we live lives with Jesus as the head and His Word as a manual for living godly lives.

Where is your Bible? Do you spend time in it? Do you share with your spouse things that the Lord revealed to you? Does it hold a place of honor in your life?

In 2 Kings, chapter 22, King Josiah started a huge project. He wanted to restore the temple that had been abandoned during Manasseh’s evil time in power. We just moved my mom out of our family home, and we found so many treasures during that move. I can imagine all the things that were found in the temple. One of the items found would be invaluable and change the trajectory of many people.

Hilkiah, the high priest, found the Book of the Law. When King Josiah listened to Shaphan read it, Josiah tore his robe in a sign of sorrow and repentance. He realized those who had gone before him had not obeyed the words of the law (2 Kings 22:13).

Everything changed for King Josiah as he made a covenant with God to keep His commandments and to follow after Him. King Josiah ordered things to change. Idols were destroyed, towns that were previously used for evil and death were transformed, and altars were turned into rubble.

There was transformation.

That happens when we encounter God and allow His Word to change us. Our marriages will not survive if we live a life on cruise control. We can’t ignore the power that exists in the Word of God.

Are you struggling with lust, bitterness, anger, or unforgiveness? Do you find it difficult to love your spouse the way God commands? Grab your Bible. The answers you seek are not hidden away, but you must take the first step and get into the Word.

It can be very easy to consume the Word through other people. There are plenty of pastors and podcasters that share sound Biblical wisdom. Those things are good, but they can’t replace your own personal time in the Bible.

I want to challenge you to find a Bible plan and make time in the Word a priority each day. Don’t just be a consumer; ask God to use those powerful words to transform you and then your marriage.

Don’t live a life or a marriage stuck on cruise control when God has something much better for you.

This is how we know that we love the children of God: by loving God and carrying out his commands.  1 John 5:2

God bless,

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