Fight for your Marriage

Episode 99 – Charlyne’s Favorite Resources to Strengthen Your Faith

with Charlyne Steinkamp

Fight For Your Marriage Podcast provides a variety of messages from Charlyne Steinkamp and selected pastors and other speakers. We invite you to listen as you desire and let others know what you liked about it below!

We are so fortunate that we have God’s Word. Do you treasure it as the gift that it is? In the pages of God’s Word, we can truly find the answer to the questions we have. We are often asked, “What would Charlyne recommend?” Today, we are sharing some of our favorite Bible resources with you. Charlyne and Lori share how to study the Bible more in-depth, how to find answers to those tricky questions, and so much more! We hope that this episode will excite you to study the Bible in a fresh way.

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Fasting For A Spiritual Breakthrough

Dwell App

Bible Gateway

Blue Letter Bible

Got Questions?

Marriage Questions answered from Bob & Charlyne

Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Bible Doctrine

The Tony Evans Bible Commentary

Pearls – Scriptures to Live By

March Scripture Journaling (FEAR)

The Lord’s Prayer

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2 years ago

Thank you for the emphasis on Scriptures and for reminding us that we can stand firm in the Lord even without the support of friends, family, and/or a marriage ministry such as Rejoice Marriage Ministries.

I will be among the first to admit, however, what an encouragement RMM has been to me, especially through the Charlyne Cares daily devotionals. What a blessing it has been to me to see the email messages in my inbox daily and to read the faith-filled encouragement from Charlyne and from Bob to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and to seek His glory and His kingdom above all else!

During the early days of my own marriage crisis, it was very hard for me to function even in the most basic things. I would look for those messages in my email inbox from RMM each day and the Saturday (sometimes Friday) Testimonies. My spirit would revive from the words of life that were being communicated and the testimonies of God’s power and goodness. The encouragement continues to this day, but I find that I don’t necessarily have to read the email messages to get the same kind of encouragement and revival of spirit now. I think now I have a heightened awareness of the Lord’s power and goodness, and I’m on the lookout for them more than ever as I read, study, and meditate on the Scriptures.

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