Fight for your Marriage

Ep 126 – How to Help Those You Love Divorce-Proof Their Relationships


How do I help those around me not make the same mistakes I have made in my marriage? How can I counsel the single people in my life towards godly marriages? Those are the questions we are tackling in this episode. Let’s pray that we can see divorce eradicated.

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2 years ago

This was excellent and absolutely true and sound advice! My husband and I did everything this podcast talked about and did courtship based on the books I Kissed Dating Goodbye and When God Writes Your Love Story. We also had excellent accountability who put us both through the ringer! So how did our marriage end up here? Laziness! Believing that because we did courtship and didn’t sleep together beforehand our foundation was strong and our marriage was “safe”. WRONG! You have to keep going! The enemy never quits! We didn’t stop going to church or serving but we didn’t pray for our marriage or each other like we should have. So when a season of infertility came deep generational roots of rejection and abandonment surfaced, we both went lukewarm, and all hell broke loose! No one else on either side of our families did courtship like us. They all lived together and/or had babies before getting married so from the outside looking in it could seem like what was the point? You both did everything God’s way and look at your marriage now. But I STILL stand by courtship and “dating” God’s way! Holiness is STILL right always has been and always will be! And if we hadn’t done courtship I probably wouldn’t be standing right now. To Kyle and his fiancé I want to say great job so far but marriage is NOT the finish line…you have to keep going and don’t EVER stop praying for one another! God bless your future together! It will be beautiful!!!

2 years ago

I would like to hear a mid age adult version of this topic. For divorced people repicking a spouse. When are you free to remarry vs stand. Talk about sex temptation and how to avoid., and that it is sin outside of marriage. Adult accountability, hangups and hurts, addiction processing etc. Discerning said christian and religious from real christ follower. Biblical remarriage requirements for both partners.

2 years ago

As a Stander and praying to the Lord to guide and prepare me to return to my spouse, I feel I’ve been in God’s classroom to be the wife I should’ve been. I see wives with a lack of gentleness or a rough and angry tone toward their children and spouse, or even neglecting their spouse because they’re running kids around to sports and popping a frozen dinner in the oven before leaving for the husband at home 4-5 nights a week.

I feel sometimes led to speak to those I know well about those types of blind spots. I’m sad to tell you I’ve had my credibility thrown back in my face with comments like, “Who are you- a divorced person to tell me what I should do in my marriage; I’ve not been divorced!”

Those kinds of comments hurt and I’ve decided I will not give advice until my spouse and I are reconciled and I have a testimony to show the world. Or unless I discover a way to come across to others so as not to invoke a defensive response in them.

2 years ago

I am constantly looking online for tips that can facilitate me. Thank you!

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