Fight for your Marriage

Ep 129 – How to Keep Your In-Law Relationships Strong after Separation or Divorce


When a marriage falls apart it doesn’t just impact a couple, it affects the whole family. Other couple friends or in-laws may wonder how to move forward while honoring your spouse. Our friend and board member, Jim, joins us as we talk about how to show unconditional love to your in-laws and friends while working to keep those relationships healthy despite the status of your marriage.

One great tool that we talk about is the Prayers to Share Pass-Along Notes. These handy notes are filled with an encouraging quote and corresponding scripture verse. They are great to tuck in a greeting card. Use the code SHARE to save 20%.

Prayers to Share for Peace

Prayers to Share for Joy

Prayers to Share to Affirm Your Marriage

Prayer to Share for Tough Times and Tough People

Prayer to Share to Be Still and Know


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1 year ago

I do text my FIL on holidays and his birthday. I have been in prayer asking the Lord to help me to forgive my FIL. There were things he did that I believe contributed to our separation.

1 year ago

I try to call my mother-in-law at least twice a month, but she barely wants to talk except about “the weather”. The other members of the family wrote me off after the divorce & act like I don’t exist.

1 year ago

It’s helpful to hear a discussion on this topic. There’s definitely not a one-size-fits-all solution to in-law relationships. It’s also important to note that interaction with in-laws changes with time and circumstances. In my case I’ve been blessed with a very good relationship with my in-laws through the years, but circumstances recently have created a rift. Now I have to seek to love them without much interaction at all and to seek wisdom to know if/when/how to try to re-engage with communication. For me I think it’s harder to forgive a couple of my in-laws than it is to forgive my wife.

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