Fight for your Marriage

Ep 139 – God is Faithful


Does it feel like you struggle to see the faithfulness of God in your life? In today’s episode, Charlyne talks about how we can be on the lookout for God’s faithfulness around us.

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11 months ago

Love this podcast! New to my stand for my marriage that is going through separation 8 Mths into our marriage. We are facing court too. What started out as a tiring stand, unsure if God wants to let go or stand but the last month he has been faithful in his promises and in speaking from His word. As I was googling different things on marriage restoration, came across the book my bob on ‘the prodigal’s perspective’. Sent on as a gift to my emstranged husband who has zero contact with me and got one for myself too. It’s been amazing and so insightful in encouraging my stand. Shortly after, came across other book written by Charlyne as well as this website and podcast. Came across the podcast at night and was so touched it felt like it was meant for me. Have been listening daily and it’s been a real blessing. Believe God has brought me to hear you guys and be encouraged through the teaching. My daily cry is “God heal my marriage for your name sake. That it will be a institution that will glorify and testify your goodness and faithfulness and power.” Thank you guys for this ministry! Inspired to write books and use our restoration story to reach out to others in the future!

Rose-Anne Cardwell
Rose-Anne Cardwell
10 months ago

Thank-you so much for this episode!! I really needed to hear this! Praise God!! God bless you Charlyne and Lori and everyone at Rejoice Marriage Ministries. You are such a blessing to all of us standers!🙏🙏❤

9 months ago

Charlyne, your voice is so reassuring. I appreciate this episode so much. I seen in the comments that it is not our battle. How did I forget that!? Thank you.

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