Fight for your Marriage

Ep 143 – Forgiveness, Reconciliation & Restoration – What do they all mean?


The journey to restoration is a process that begins when your relationship and friendship with your spouse is reconciled. In this episode, we will discuss the steps that lead up to the restoration of your marriage.

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1 year ago

My husband is coming to the area next week to spend time with our son. We live 6 hrs apart and they have not seen each other in over a year. There has been no contact for majority of that year. Slowly contact is being restored. Glory! I asked God last night what the purpose of this trip. God said “reconciliation”. I asked if He meant restoration and God said “no, reconciliation” and He said the process of restoring your relationship like it was reconciled with Him. The “process” is what stood out to me. Someone in a “standers group” recommended this podcast you posted. It brought confirmation, comfort and peace, clarity and understanding of the season of reconciliation I am entering into. God knows how important the process of building a relationship with my husband after six years of separation is important to me. Thank you for posting this podcast.

Rose-Anne Cardwell
Rose-Anne Cardwell
1 year ago

Thanks for sharing. I really needed to hear this! God bless you all!!

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