Fight for your Marriage

Ep 148 – Running the Race Well


The Bible has so much to say about running the race of life toward Jesus. That can be hard to do when the race we are on is filled with hardship, marital difficulties, and stress. It can be tempting to look at someone else’s race and want that path.

Charlyne and Lori discuss running the race that God has you on well in today’s episode.

12 Days Of… by Bob Steinkamp


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Shannon Ridgley
Shannon Ridgley
1 year ago

I feel guilty for wanting marriage restoration. I’m really trying to focus on God. I do so much want my husband to turn to God and for our marriage to be restored. I’m afraid of how long it might take and I feel guilty about feeling that way 😕. I know God is using this to work on me. I have been praying for a list of people for the last 6 weeks. Please pray for my husband Andy and my family. Thank you for you ladies! May God bless you.

11 months ago

Honesty I dont want to do this anymore; I have been standing hoping and praying for my marriage to be transformed/restored for over a year. My (ex)husband has moved on with his life….saw him out with another woman on two different occasions now. Why should I spend my life alone??? Dont I deserve to have a good relationship with someone who actually loves and cares for me?

11 months ago

I need someone in my life. I need companionship!. Most of my time is spent alone unless I am at church or working. And I do not have any extra money to go out and do things like going out with friends. I do still pray for my husband’s soul but not so much for our marriage to be restored. Apparently that isnt Gods plan for my life.

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