Fight for your Marriage

Ep 150 – Do You Feel Like God Has Forgotten You?


Do you feel like God has forgotten that you exist? Everyone experiences feelings of doubt or uncertainty at some point in their life.

It is important to combat feelings of unbelief with the truth. God has not abandoned you! He loves you and cares deeply for you. Check out this episode and be encouraged.

God Has Not Forgotten You


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P.T. iPhone
P.T. iPhone
11 days ago

I’m feeling abandon not only by my husband of almost 24yrs. who’s in/out of our home constantly with very, very little contact (a wayward prodigal) & by God…I feel like my past sins is what I’m constantly paying for that I have repented for to God…I feel alone , mostly forgotten or written off😔, all I do is pray & cry for help😭

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10 days ago

I really thank God for this reassurance of waiting on God. It is very hard for me, as my husband had cheated on me our entire marriage, divorced me, is with another woman, and has not had any contact with me or our children in years. So I fight with whether or not it is even God’s will for me to be married or continue fighting in prayer that there will be a ONCE AND FOR ALL deliverance and restoration. I really want and believe strongly in marriage. But just don’t want to pray for a man with his own will that may determine he will never turn back. But YET in the meantime, I will KEEP on KEEPING on in PRAYER.

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