Fight for your Marriage

Ep 151 – How to Forgive When You Don’t Receive an Apology


Forgiving someone that wounds you is difficult, but it can be more challenging when the other person has no remorse for their actions. In this episode, Charlyne and Lori discuss how to walk through forgiveness.

Why Do I Do What I Don’t Want to Do? by Jonathan Pokluda


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1 year ago

Thank you both for this sharing. My heart has been so heavy due to my husband’s coldness toward me. All that came out from his mouth was so hurtful.

1 year ago

Thanks Charlyne and Lori. I’m so grateful to God for this journey He got me into. Unforgiveness was my biggest struggle. The challenges in my marriage got me on this path and I can honestly say that I have come a long way in my journey towards forgiveness. I pray to God to continue working in our hearts.

1 year ago

Forgiveness is so important. Besides the blood of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit, I believe forgiveness is the reason I walk in joy, even though we are not reconciled after 7 years. Forgiveness gives me peace, joy, healing & victory. If God forgives me, I must forgive others. Not only have I had to forgive my husband, I’ve had to forgive church leaders, neighbors, employers and family members who have rejected me. Forgiveness gives me freedom.
AND…when those reels go off in my head of past offenses, I have to take my bag of rocks and place them back on God’s shoulders. THANKS for this great reminder.
I’m so glad the Gresh’s will be on your podcast. What a fantastic testimony and great book.

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