Fight for your Marriage

Ep 155 – Testimony of a Restored Marriage – Christina & Tim


Christina and Tim entered their marriage like many others declaring that divorce would never be an option. Years later, a secret life, communication issues, and a desire to avoid conflict led to problems arising in their marriage.

It seemed as if there was no hope for a future together until Christina’s relative shared the miracle God did in her own marriage. This episode will be a wonderful reminder of God’s mercy in each of our lives.

Cari And Ryan’s Remarriage Video

Cari And Ryan’s Restored Marriage Update

100 Days of Faith Over Fear Book


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Ann in Massachusetts
Ann in Massachusetts
6 days ago

Thank you very much.
Needed this today.
God Bless you and your family.

6 days ago

Thank you very much for sharing your testimony, it’s very inspiring and uplifting to many. I am currently standing for my marriage, my husband has walked away. I believe in God, but hearing testimonies really gives everyone hope and inspiration. May God continue to bless your marriage. Rejoice ministries has been a blessing in this moment of hardship, may God bless the ministry abundantly. I am looking forward to the day when I’ll be reporting a praise report because my prodigal has come home to our family.

God bless.

3 days ago

Thank you Christina & Tim for obeying the LORD God and sharing this testimony – and to Charlene, Lori, and all RMM staff. The testimony has blessed my heart. I join with you all to pray for a great harvest of prodigals’-return in this season. To our God be the glory. Yes and amen!

Alisha Tasetano
Alisha Tasetano
2 days ago

this podcast was like a balm to my spirit. So many similarities including our age and length of marriage. Unfortunately my prodigal hasn’t come home yet. He left one far country for another. But I’ve seen miracles and God keeps giving me reminders that He works in ways that I couldn’t understand, imagine or expect. Just like Christina and Tim’s restoration, I have no idea when or how my will happen. But I believe and know that it will! Thank You Father.

12 hours ago

Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful testimony!!! My husband is home but we are still in the process of rebuilding our marriage and family 🙏🙏🥰

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