Fight for your Marriage

Ep 156 – Trusting God in Seasons of Hardship


I can’t think of anyone that wants to go through difficulties in life, but we know it will happen. Do you call on the Lord immediately or do you tackle your problems alone?

In this episode, Charlyne and Lori talk about depending on Jesus in those times of hardship. Grab a pen and paper because you will want to take notes.

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Norma Williams
Norma Williams
8 months ago

Stay the course and be faithful, brother. Your not alone! God bless you and give you strength. In Jesus name, Amen.

8 months ago

Dear Ezra the work now must be totaly on your self, your selfconcept.. go back to your childhod what must be happen to you ..who belittled you then as a child, people only say to us what we feel and belief about our selfs.. and show us our childhodwounds , write down al about your parents marriage and then write down how you acted as a husband and man.. can you see transfer allot of that shit in our marriages ..the work now MUST be in your innerself ONLY
(Please do NOT try to manipulate the 3D..never works!!)
then and only then she will!! come back and will STAY
I was in the same spot with 4children.. i do my work..and things began to change😊 lots of love barbara

8 months ago

Thank-you so much Charlene and Lori🥰. Rejoice Marriage Ministries is such a blessing 🙏🙏. Praying for you and your family and for all prodigals to return home and to the Lord!

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