Fight for your Marriage

Ep 157 – The Secret to Loving Your Enemies


Do you find it hard to pray for your enemies? How about praying for the other person your spouse may be involved with?

In this episode, we are going to share some stories of people who have found victory in this area and share some scriptures that will help you as you strive to love your enemies better.

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Laurie Whittemore
Laurie Whittemore
9 months ago

Thank you for this podcast as I appreciate the transparency of the way God used the other persons in their spouses life. I too have a wedding this summer for my daughter and the ow will be attending. I have been praying that God use me to love this person and be kind. How helpful it was to hear Jesus words as a reminder to love our enemies. Your prayers are appreciated.

9 months ago

This podcast was SO good!
Charlyn and Laurie hit it out of the ball park again on this one! They have this beautiful way of speaking and delivering truth in such a graceful & loving way. There’s some practical ways as well to put this into practice. Great one to listen to, worth your while for sure!(:

9 months ago

Thanks so much for this podcast. It’s really hard to pray for the OW when my children and I are going through hurt. I will keep praying for her to receive conviction in her heart to move away from mu husband’s life.

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