Fight for your Marriage

Ep 160 – The Journey to Restoration – Part 1


In this episode, Charlyne sits down with DeAnn to discuss the journey DeAnn was on during her path to marriage restoration. Her marriage problems were evident from the beginning.

You will be encouraged to hear DeAnn’s secret to waiting on God’s perfect timing, and how He equipped her to wait for that day she would hear the words, “Will you marry me?”


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11 months ago

God is so amazing and faithful. What a beautiful testimony.

9 months ago

My former spouse still is with the OW he has the affair with. He also come from a family with a lot of adultery whose parents are still married for convenience but lead separate toxic lives.

Occasionally he will ask me to come over for dinner etc. I have said to him that he still has a girlfriend and out of respect for that relationship, unless it has to do with the kids, I’m not willing to meet. (We have met with just the two of us for kids occasionally, but that is few and far between)

How do I prayer for him to have that longing and it is good for me to keep that boundary line? He knows I’m standing for our marriage.

Brittany Lanzone
Brittany Lanzone
8 months ago

I am so honored that you took the time to respond in this way. Your ministry and emails have encouraged me and another stander that God introduced me to at my church. What a miracle to have an “Aaron and Hur” walk alongside me in these ways through your ministry and a friend.
I did look at both resources and listened to them.
I am trusting God for restoration.

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