Fight for your Marriage

Ep 169 – Testimony of a Restored Marriage – Christina & Tim


Christina and Tim entered their marriage like many others declaring that divorce would never be an option. Years later, a secret life, communication issues, and a desire to avoid conflict led to problems arising in their marriage.

It seemed as if there was no hope for a future together until Christina’s relative shared the miracle God did in her own marriage. This episode will be a wonderful reminder of God’s mercy in each of our lives.

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Cari And Ryan’s Remarriage Video

Cari And Ryan’s Restored Marriage Update

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2 months ago

What a beautiful testimony some of the things Christian did Iam doing right now. The Lord told me too he got my marriage and he’s doing it. So many similarly its an encouragement to Keep standing even if its hard and look dark.
Your testimony almost brought me tears when you shared Tim coming to Thanksgiving.
Glory to God for Restoring your Marriage believing for my Marriage to be Restored by the Lord Almighty.

1 month ago

Thank u Jesus for restoring this Marriage

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