Fight for your Marriage

Ep 170 – It’s Not about You – How to Trust God in the Waiting


In today’s episode, Lori shares four things the Lord has been teaching her and how it can apply to your life as you seek the Lord for answers to prayers.

Year-end Giving

12 Days Of… by Bob Steinkamp

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2 months ago

I so appreciate you replaying this one. Definitely bears repeating – especially that it’s not about me! Sigh. Thanks for all you do.

2 months ago

Thank you for replaying this. It’s a good reminder when we get caught up in things aren’t moving as fast as we want to. God is in control!

2 months ago

Things feel hard here. Waiting is hard. Especially when God keeps saying to wait and you watch you watch your husband of nearly 20 years, that you have four children with, chase the world. Divorce you and then 7 months later marry someone else that God keeps saying “she’s not his wife. This is not a marriage. I ordain marriage, man does not. Wait. Don’t stop praying.” I don’t want to get caught up in the wait. I want to wait well. This is really hard though.

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