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Ep 177 – Testimony of a Restored Marriage – Chris & Steph from Out of the Dust Music


Chris and Steph thought they were living a fairytale romance. They both grew up in church, met as teenagers, married, and started their lives together, serving God. Everything seemed to be going well, until it wasn’t.

Chris was struggling with his faith and decided a divorce and walking away from God would help answer the many questions he had. Through the mercy of Christ, He had other plans for Chris and Steph. Plans to bring a miracle out of the dust.

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Joan Amallah Okoth
Joan Amallah Okoth
1 month ago

Oh my God, thank you for sharing. My prodigal husband has become so stone cold and hard hearted… Doesnt talk to me, just the kids, and I cry everyday for his soul, that he would come back to God and always wondering if God is talking to him while he’s strayed, so far away, isolated himself from family and just him and the woman he’s staying with.

1 month ago

To God be the glory: Christ is risen indeed! Thank you, Chris & Steph, for sharing your powerful testimony for His glory. Thanks, Charlene, Lori, & RMM for staying faithful to our God and see prodigals come back to Him and to their spouses. This testimony is a beautiful and timely reminder that there is no hardness of heart beyond His reach. “Thank You, Jesus”!

Faira Esposito
Faira Esposito
1 month ago

Standing for my 17year marraige. My husband and I are sperated and my husband wants a divorce. He told me February 25th through a text and I started fighting on my knees since February 29th. I have not seen divorce papers as of yet, but I have had subtle conversations with my husband through text that reveal that God is moving in my husband Jason’s life. I stand in hope and I hold fast to His promises found in scripture for redemption and restoration for my husband’s heart back to Him first and then back to me. Standing with all of you and I admonish you to Keep believing in His Resurrection Power.

Thank you for the message of hope. It is encouraging to hear during this difficult time of my life

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