Fight for your Marriage

Ep 179 – From a Messed up to Meaningful Life with Comedian Jeff Allen


Comedian Jeff Allen joins us to talk about overcoming alcoholism, drug addiction, and a failing marriage. Jeff was once filled with anger and trying all the world had to offer to find peace.

God’s perfect timing led Jeff to surrender his life to Christ. Jeff finally experienced the peace he had been searching for. Hear what made Jeff and his wife Tammy tear up their divorce papers and what is happening in their marriage.

Are We There Yet?: My Journey from a Messed Up to Meaningful Life


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Kalena Warner
Kalena Warner
22 days ago

Good listen, thanks for sharing!

22 days ago

That was so good to hear! I’ve loved Jeff Allen’s comedy routines, and here he speaks so meaningfully and authentically about his faith. So uplifting.

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