Fight for your Marriage

Ep 184 – 30 Year Celebration


We are so thankful for the opportunity the Lord gave us to celebrate 30 years of ministry! We want to thank those who took time out of their schedules to come to South Florida and celebrate with us.

For those who didn’t make it, we didn’t want you to feel left out. In this episode, we will share the recording of this wonderful milestone evening. You will hear testimonies from Jennifer & John Wesley, an update from Greg & Missy, and encouragement from Charlyne and Lori. Keep fighting for your marriage!


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11 days ago

Thank you for all you do and have done! Through your work, you have kept me standing for almost 8 years! My family and I appreciate you.

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Laurie Whittemore
Laurie Whittemore
8 days ago

Thank you for sharing this with those of us who are blessed by your ministry and couldn’t be there. To God be the Glory !

6 days ago

Praise God. I have felt this season is different. During the anniversary of my separation from my ex, his second wife packed up and moved out after 3 years. I don’t understand everything. I just know as a chosen help meet to him, I can not be hard hearted and bitter.

I honestly first felt the shift when the eclipse occurred after 7 years of our divorce was completed. I was in a car accident, then shortly after that rocks came flying at my newly purchased vehicle and it has been a struggle unlike no other….

I was stressed today after seeing him yesterday after he picked up the boys and all my thoughts about EVERYTHING kept me up last night.

Then having to work again today for my coworker I was on the way to work praying about everything remembering how much I had prayed

“Lord remove everything from his life that is not of You and make him into the man of God hes supposed to be”

I thought, could this mean a restoration is coming? How suddenly does that happen. What am I willing to give up? I thought I of course am only here for God’s purposes and need to stay sensitive to any moves He wants to make..then I saw a Covenant Transport truck…not the ones with the big letters but the ones with the small blue map and white scroll…and of course I recognized it and was shocked to see it at that time but it showed me how God is ABSOLUTELY orchestrating things

What an amazing suddenly…it reminds me of why Swift trucks mean so much to me. Everyone mocks Swift but I always hear…”I am coming SWIFTLY to judge between the adulterers and the sorcerers”

Your testimony 🙌 makes me realize how swiftly and suddenly everything can change.

Indeed, as teens he sang me the song lyrics

“In a New York minute, everything can change” as i lay upon his lap on a park bench at the college pond.

Thank you for sharing how God was working on Bob as he was working on you.

I know Bob has since passed but you have been keeping the Covenant Marriage Restoration dream alive and passing the baton on to others…

It was your interview with the Covenant Transport Truck owner that made me even think about standing…

I had been in a tough time with my ex and I was driving thinking maybe I shouldn’t even care about our vows, because he didnt…and I was blocked from going through an intersection by a big truck…I was a little upset…and thought why is this truck in my way? But as it was pulling off i saw the BIG letters spell out Covenant. I never believed in coincidences and realized God was indeed speaking to me about Marriage Covenant.

Some time after that when I decided to Google Covenant Trucks to find a picture for my journal, I found your website…and what Covenant Trucks mean to standers.

5 days ago

It’s a true blessing to know of other’s who understand what I am going through, I am grateful to GOD for RMM and for all the restored marraige testimonies all glory to GOD!!!!!! I have been waiting for 20 years and it has been a true journey

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4 days ago

I looked for flights to get to this celebration, but my daughter ended up needing me to babysit that week. I was bumbed, but so thankful it is here.
I cried as I listened on the way to our family’s July 4th celebration. Beautiful stories … PRAISE God for HIS work! July 4th is a big holiday in our family and I still miss my husband not being there.
Thank you. I will be listening to this again.

PS. Sounds like you had a nice group of Texans. Wish I could have joined them. Maybe some day I’ll make it over to Florida.

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