Episode 117 – Testimony of a Restored Marriage: Tim & Natasha


This testimony of God’s faithfulness in the life of Natasha and Tim is going to inspire you to keep praying for big things in your own marriage. What seemed impossible was made possible! Wait until you hear the unlikely person God used to spark the restoration conversation. Nothing is impossible for God!


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Jacqueline Franklin
Jacqueline Franklin
11 months ago

I appreciate the testimony of Shon and Adrienne. Their testimony truly made me want to continue to stand. My husband is not saved but I’m believing God to save him and bring him back home like the prodigal son

10 months ago

I received a call from Rejoice ministry. She told me to listen to Karen and Jim’ testimony, the couple who’s marriage was restored after 30 years.
Thank you

9 months ago

Since being introduced to your organization late last year 2021. I’ve used your resources every day. Your teachings have helped me get through some dark days.

I’m so grateful that you have boldly taken a stand for marriage in the name of Jesus Christ Our Lord & Risen Savior.

My favorite Marriage Restoration podcast is Natasha and Tim. It is such a different story, it’s positive outcome, the information shared, the positive energy exchange between Charlyne, Lori and Natasha is so positive and leaves me a great sense of hope. It encourages me to continue my stand. I listen to this podcast at least 5 times a week. I bought Natasha’s book.
When will the 2nd interview happen with both Tim and Natasha?

5 months ago

I am so thankful that I took the time to go back and listen to this testimony. I know God is faithful, but there are times when need to hear someone else’s journey. This was very encouraging for me as I continue to stand. May God continue to use Natasha and Tim’s story.

24 days ago

This was so encouraging! My husband of twenty years has filed for divorce and has been having an affair for almost two years. It seems hopeless but I will adopt her stand to not have any negative thinking and replace it with praise instead. As he is spending less time with our kids and more time in sin, I can say yes he is an amazing Dad and hold onto the promises of who God is creating him to be. Please pray for our marriage. Thank you for this ministry.

19 days ago

Thank you for your prayers and the verse. I have written it out and put it on my fridge to be reminded that restoring my marriage is not too hard for God.

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