Episode 62 – Testimony of a Restored Marriage – Tom & Amy

After ten years of praying for her husband’s anger and addiction issues, Amy gave up. Well-meaning loved ones wanted her to move on. But God! He had started a work in Tom’s life, and He wasn’t done with him yet. In today’s episode, you will hear their amazing story of hope and healing in their family. You will see how God softened the hardened heart of His child and chased after a wayward son. They would have had a very different outcome if each of them continued in their selfish ways and refused to submit to God. Resources: Other testimonies from couples with restored marriageshttps://www.stopdivorce.org/Testimonies_c_42.html Purposed Marriagehttps://purposedmarriage.wordpress.com/ Setting Captives Free Ministryhttps://settingcaptivesfree.com/ itunes   Google

3 thoughts on “Episode 62 – Testimony of a Restored Marriage – Tom & Amy”

  1. This is my second time listening to this podcast on marriage.
    During March 2021 I’ve been separated from my husband. He has been living I outside the house with the other women and it has been to hurtful and humiliating.
    He has flied for a divorce and I’ve been trusting God for restoration.
    The podcast were very encouraging.

  2. Gabriela Acevedo

    Hello I ask for prayers for my marriage restoration I believe God has a plan for our lives and it is not divorce. My name is Gabriela Acevedo and his is Jose Manuel Treviño. Amen

  3. Good evening my husband and I am devorced 5 years now going for 6 he and the ow is going through a break up Go’s us answering my prayers but tonight het told me and his kids he will never come back me. But I just listened and prayed softly and listened he told me how hurt he is. And all I can do is listen. But God I know you busy even if it does not look like it.

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