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God Does Restore Dead Marriages

“Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her!” Luke 1:45

This is a special day for me as July 7 was the date Bob and I were remarried. I stand amazed at all the Lord has done in our family since Bob returned to our marriage. That day, he surrendered his will to God’s will and returned home.

Last week, we celebrated 30 years of Rejoice Marriage Ministries. It amazes me how many people have been impacted by one prodigal’s return. God is faithful!

Are you standing firm, believing in God’s mighty power to restore and rebuild your marriage? Never doubt the ability of God to move your mountain of circumstances. I know that God created the institution of marriage and hates divorce, so I believe with all my heart that He wants to bring new life back into your dead marriage.

On July 7, 1987, Bob drove two hours from where he lived, came to my office, stood in the parking lot, and knocked on my window. I was shocked to see him there. He then invited me to lunch. I could see he was distressed.

Bob was under the Holy Spirit’s conviction. He had a battle raging in his spirit. There was a battle between doing what was fun and wild, living in a world of sin, or coming back home to a wife and children who had been praying for him. The Lord had clarified that fact so clearly by speaking to me one night when I was crying and begging for Him to touch Bob’s heart.

John Wesley and Jennifer shared at our 30th anniversary celebration. John Wesley told a small group that gathered how he was wrestling with God over the decision to go home. Hearing that reminded me why we must pray for our prodigals fervently.

Throughout my stand, I felt as if I heard the Lord say, “It is finished.” I played Bill Gaither’s famous song over and over again. That song explained to me exactly what was happening to Bob. The Lord revealed more truths to me about Bob’s spiritual battle.

That summer afternoon, while we were still in the parking lot, sitting in his car, Bob asked me to stop praying for him. He said I had to leave him alone as he could not handle the stress. I assured Bob that I loved him but would never stop praying for him. I continued to listen to him talking and zipped my lips. 

All of a sudden, Bob said, “To keep you happy and for you to leave me alone, I will go to the courthouse with you right now and get a marriage license that you can keep in your Bible to know that someday in the future, I may come home.” Doesn’t that sound like so many double-minded prodigal spouses?

We got the marriage license, and Bob said, “Now you should be satisfied, so stop praying for me and leave me alone. Someday we may get remarried, but not now.”

Then Bob took me to his new favorite restaurant, which I learned was the other woman’s favorite place. As I left the table for a few minutes, the Holy Spirit spoke to my husband like never before.

When I returned to the table, Bob apologized for all he had done and told me God had just spoken to him. He was shaking. He told me he needed to come home now and how he had made a mess out of his life and also for our family. He then proposed.

I could not believe my ears! I had been praying and fasting for this moment. I can’t explain my emotions. My husband was coming home. That afternoon, my miracle happened.

What are you speaking to others? Are you speaking faith or doubt?

This isn’t just a story. It is a miracle and proof that God can change the heart of even the most challenging person.

Did everything happen the way I had dreamed? No, but at the moment, it didn’t matter. What was important was that my husband was listening to and obeying the Lord. Never doubt that the Lord can do the same for you and your family in His perfect timing.

God bless,


30 Year Celebration

We are so thankful for the opportunity the Lord gave us to celebrate 30 years of ministry! We want to thank those who took time out of their schedules to come to South Florida and celebrate with us.

For those who didn’t make it, we didn’t want you to feel left out. In this episode, we will share the recording of this wonderful milestone evening. You will hear testimonies from Jennifer & John Wesley, an update from Greg & Missy, and encouragement from Charlyne and Lori. Keep fighting for your marriage!


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I almost cried. Nice story. I’d be lying if I didn’t picture my own wife in this.
I read a post in another group today. “Sometimes the prodigal does not come home”.
For me it was shocking.

Last edited 7 days ago by Miklos
Abigail Martinez
Abigail Martinez
3 days ago
Reply to  Miklos

Que difícil es aceptar esa frase. Sabes que la voluntad de Dios es perfecta. Pidamos su dirección siempre

6 days ago

I’m praising the Lord with you for His goodness in restoring Bob and in restoring your marriage. Our Lord raises the dead to life, both physically and spiritually. He is all-powerful, and He is good. He is faithful and true. He is worthy of all glory, honor, and praise.

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