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Have You Hung up Your Harp?

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Has the Lord placed a devotional on your heart that you would like to share with other standers?

By the rivers of Babylon we sat and wept when we remembered Zion. There on the poplars we hung our harps, for there our captors asked us for songs, our tormentors demanded songs of joy; they said, “Sing us one of the songs of Zion!” How can we sing the songs of the Lord while in a foreign land?  Psalm 137:1-4

I have been a stander for many years. Still standing but wobbling now and then. Still walking the restoration road but often taking detours. Still praying but sometimes half-heartedly. Still believing but praying for Jesus to help my unbelief. I was recently called to account for my complacency. The Lord opened my eyes to my weariness and discontent. To what was truly unbelief. To my inner lack of faith and trust.

The Lord asked me to remember His faithfulness through this long journey. He asked me to look back along the road and see how far I had come and how much I had grown. He asked me to remember all the times He had been my Husband and Provider in this season of my life. Reflecting on my journey, I can see that walking through the barren places, enduring the times of struggle and fear on my way to meet God, the times of weariness and discontent in my life, were the times God was revealing His true character to me. Those struggles helped me to grow strong in His presence.

Blessed are those whose strength is in you, whose hearts are set on pilgrimage. As they pass through the Valley of Baka, they make it a place of springs; the autumn rains also cover it with pools. They go from strength to strength till each appears before God in Zion.  Psalm 84:5-7

And I heard the Lord ask me to step it up with the question that came from Psalm 137. Have you hung up your harp? I had to admit that my harp was no longer in my hands. It was hanging on a poplar, waiting patiently for me to take it up again. I was longing to make joyful music once again to the Lord and telling me to get back on that path and keep walking. Promising me the Lord would be there to watch over me, pick me up when I fell, and forgive me when I failed Him. After all, He had been with me every step of this journey so far, and He was not going to give up on me. I shouldn’t give up either.

Then, a devotional came my way with a very meaningful line in it. “You need to pray as you’ve never prayed before, believing God for something so big, only He could do it!” I know… could He make it any clearer? I knew I had to “turn up the heat,” as Charylne often tells us.

I had prayed the Armor of God around my spouse all these years. I also prayed for reconciliation, first and foremost, with God. I knew that once this happened, reconciliation could happen with the rest of his covenant family, including me. It had just been so long, and there were so many circumstances. But as it tells us in.  Genesis 18:14 – “Is anything too hard for the Lord?

One of the things I had let go of was praying scripture with my spouse’s name in it. Rejoice Marriage Ministries has consistently advocated for this practice, and I have prayed in this manner for a long time. But…well, there’s always a “but,” isn’t there? Yes, I got weary, and maybe I had given up again, as I had many times along this journey. But God was always there drawing me back to standing, urging me to “just believe,” and giving me a nudge to get back on the path. This time, it wasn’t just a nudge. Not even a gentle push. God reached down to my weary heart and soul and told me to step it up. It seemed I had run out of gas and needed to fill myself with scripture.

Armed with a new source of scripture and a stronger determination to fight for my marriage, I once again grabbed my harp from the poplar and began to pray. Has it made a difference in my situation? Not yet. But I know it will. My heart is once again set on doing God’s will for my life and for my marriage.

Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful.  Hebrews 10:23

God bless,

Kim in Nebraska

Rejoice Marriage Ministries

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18 days ago

Thank you Kim and God bless you! Father we praise You for Your faithfulness.

Let revival in
Welcome to a new horizon
Open eyes to a brand new day
Time to take on every mountain
Time to shake off every weight

16 days ago

Kim, thank you for nailing it! I loved what you wrote.
“But do not let this one fact escape your notice, beloved, that with the Lord one day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years like one day. The Lord is not slow about His promise as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing for any to perish but for all to come to repentance.” 2 Peter 3:8-9

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