Fight for your Marriage

Episode 83 – How Do I Cope With an In-Home Prodigal?

with Charlyne Steinkamp

Fight For Your Marriage Podcast provides a variety of messages from Charlyne Steinkamp and selected pastors and other speakers. We invite you to listen as you desire and let others know what you liked about it below!

In today’s episode, Charlyne and Lori share practical tips on how to live with an in-home prodigal. You will hear testimonies from men and women who are living in that exact situation. Even if your prodigal does not live at home today, there may be a day when they ask to come home. This episode will prepare you for that transition.

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2 years ago

I believe many years ago when I did not want a divorce, but I did not know what to do.I was blessed by God with this ministry, and the Lord has used this ministry so many times to help our marriage.

2 years ago

So helpful to know I’m not out there by myself. It is hard with him in the household and not really wanting much to do with me. I feel like this is part of God’s plan though because I can daily show him my love and take care of him. God has shown me that Jesus is loving my husband through me. What an honor. Thank you for your ministry. It is a blessing.

Rejoice Marriage Ministries
Reply to  Janet

We are praying for you, Janet. Thank you for sharing what the Lord is doing in your stand and allowing us to be part of the journey.

Mrs. E.Tips jr.
Mrs. E.Tips jr.
1 year ago

Being married for 23 yrs, has always been a constant struggle with my husband. He’s living in constant turmoil & seeking ungodly counsel from ungodly people. My husband filed for divorce twice… (both in which I refused to sign, only cause I hate Divorce or even saying it)…So by December of 2021, the judge ruled “ Leaving the courts to rule, “Divorce by Default”, but here I am still standing. There are times when he would get angry for his reasons alone & he’ll start an argument over any/everything by saying that we can’t see eye to eye, when it’s him alone that comes up with these things that comes out of nowhere. I’m not perfect by any means but I try to be a godly person & repent for any wrongdoing on my part. I show him love, respect & I don’t crowd his space nor do I nag. I just want us to get along. I feel trapped in what seems like a roller coaster ride from Hell & very much alone. He’s home one minute laughing, cuddling & talking over plans with me then out of the blue he’s gone with no contact, upon his return he offers no explanation for his actions or just abruptly leaving. We haven’t been intimate (his choice) for almost 2 yrs, He’s cheated on me many of times & has told others lies about me & our 4 adult children. I can’t help but to think that God is allowing these things to continue in our life together, that he wants me to move on as if our marriage was a mistake.I can forgive but just don’t know how to move forward because I want to see us restored, resurrected, redeemed, renewed & not be in a one-sided marriage. I hope & pray that God will fix all that is broken, that my husband repents & turn back to God with remorse & Godly Sorrow, so that our children & future generations doesn’t repeat the same fate. Please Pray for Us🙏🏾

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