Fight for your Marriage

Episode 78 – How To Worship — Even In the Suffering

with Charlyne Steinkamp

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When you face hardship, do you run to the Lord in worship or run to Him with complaining? The Bible shows us how we can worship even when we are facing pain. In this episode, Lori will show you how to defeat the enemy with your praise.

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9 months ago

Thank you for this encouragement about Worship in the Suffering. I’ve known since the beginning that this separation was of God. I had prayed for over a year that I might know Him in the fellowship of his suffering, and when my beloved unexpectedly said “No” to remaining with me, I distinctly heard God say “Yes” to His fellowship of suffering. I haven’t received a word that this separation will end, but after 43 years of marriage, I am absolutely certain in the Spirit, that I was called to be a wife of valor for such a time as this in my beloved’s life. I will pray for him till death parts us. I will bless him even though I have become a curse by the deceit of the enemy’s lies. But, like David, I will fast and weep for my husband for “Who can tell whether the LORD shall be gracious to me that our marriage may live.” This is what I was called for, and called to, and while I desperately want my beloved husband back home with me, I will wait on the LORD and pray for Him to fan the flame of the smoking flax back into holy fire, and leave my beloved in His hands. And I will pray, and I will fast, and I will weep and pray some more… without ceasing. May I be faithful, LORD.

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