Keep Fighting The Weeds

“A thief comes to steal and kill and destroy. But I came to give life—life in all its fullness.”  John 10:10

We finally got a break in the unbearably hot weather this summer so the girls and I have had a chance to be outside a little more. The corn around their house is now taller than me and even though Daddy frowns on it, we did play a little hide and seek in the end rows. One recent game was cut short when we heard the sound of a plane engine. We hurried back to the yard just in time to see the crop duster fly low overhead on his way to a field across the road. We watched for several minutes as he swooped low over the fields, almost touching the tops of the stalks, releasing what was needed to fight the weeds that had grown up alongside the corn.

From our perspective, the corn looked great. Even when we stepped inside a couple of the rows, we didn’t see any weeds. But from the crop duster’s perspective, high up in his plane, he could see the areas where the fight was still on. Those are the areas he targeted.

When Jesus steps in and asks a family to pray for a lost loved one, a mom or dad, maybe an aunt or uncle, or even a sister or brother, He gives us the weapons to fight the weeds the enemy has sown into that family. Our biggest weapon is prayer. Not just prayer now and then. Not just prayer in specific circumstances. But continually going to the throne room and praying to God for the life of our family; that our family is made whole again and founded on the solid rock of His love.

A farmer does a lot of “weed fighting” even before the plants start growing. As the ground is tilled, weed fighter is tilled in right along with it. As the little seedlings begin to grow, more weed fighter is applied. As the plants continue to gain height, weeds are carefully monitored and controlled.

When you began this journey of fighting for a restored family, I’m sure you laid the groundwork with lots of prayers. Prayers for eyes to be opened. Prayers for hearts to be changed. Prayers that Mom or Dad would let Jesus into their hearts. Prayers that they would return to their family. Prayers for their salvation.

“And the prayer that is said with faith will make the sick person well. The Lord will heal him. And if he has sinned, God will forgive him. Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other. Do this so that God can heal you. When a good man prays, great things happen.” James 5:15-16 

As the journey continued, you continued to fight the weeds the enemy had sown. Along with your prayers, you added forgiveness and unconditional love. You added kindness of heart and faith that God was in control and maybe the weeds seemed to be under control.

But just like that corn field, there may be areas where the weeds continue to grow. Sometimes we don’t see this with our own eyes so God may call us to pray specifically for areas of our loved ones’ lives where the enemy continues to sow his weeds. It may be a return to church or a habit that they just can’t let go of. It may be some other area. This is when we really need to dig in, persevere, and continue to pray. We need to keep fighting the weeds.

“This is because God sees to the farthest parts of the earth. And he sees everything under the heavens.”  Job 28:24

God bless,

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