Restored and Redeemed

Has your marriage been restored? Restored & Redeemed is a devotional for those in a restored marriage.

“Lines Up!”

We must pay the most careful attention, therefore, to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away. Hebrews 2:1

When our boys were growing up, a favorite Friday night outing with dad was fishing out in the Atlantic. Unfortunately, dad was often more concerned with his personal interests than making a couple of kids happy. When we did go fishing, we would go on a drift boat. A few dollars would buy us some rail space, bait and tackle and an evening of fishing and fun, drifting in the ocean a couple of miles offshore.

Every so often, we would hear, “Lines up! We’re moving.” That meant the boat had drifted so far that the captain had to start those big diesel engines and take us back to where we should be. I was never able to sense that we had drifted. The lighthouse would still be visible to the north and the port to the south. The high-rise condos were still in sight on the shoreline. Yet, the man in charge knew that we had drifted.

As you walk through a restored marriage, is it time for someone to call out, “Lines up?” Have you drifted away from the Lord? Much like me on the boat, you may still have the lighthouse of a restored marriage in sight. The safe port of God’s love is still there. Those high-rise circumstances are still there, but you’ve drifted from where God first placed you.

Out in the ocean, there were often several drift boats within sight of each other, and they all drifted in the same direction. It wasn’t possible to watch the other boats and determine how much we had drifted. Likewise, it’s just not possible to determine our own drift by looking at others. Sadly, we live in a day of drifting churches, drifting families, and drifting leaders. Just as the boat captain watches his instruments instead of those around to stay on course, we have the instruments of God’s Word and His Holy Spirit to keep us on course.

When the drift boat moved, there were always people who would ignore the “Lines up!” warning and continue to fish. It wouldn’t be long before they would be calling for the mate to straighten out a web of tangled lines. Unfortunately, some who have seen their marriage restored also ignore God’s “Lines up!” and continue to fish. The good news is that He can untangle every snarl we get into.

We pray that the Lord Jesus is Captain of your life. Have you heard Him call, “Lines up,” and yet you continue to fish? Has your marriage drifted?

Even when our boys were young, they learned that the best way to catch fish was to follow the captain’s instructions. The best way for you to discover all that God has for your marriage is to listen to the directions being given you by God, your Captain.

Are you reading your Bible and faithfully growing in the Lord? Are you talking to your Lord God each day? Have you drifted off course? We need to keep a personal relationship with our Lord God as we are His children, and He is our God, captain of our lives. If you have drifted away, there is no better moment than now to readjust your life.

Because He lives,


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