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Can you imagine an automobile safety defect being discovered that causes many of cars on the road to crash? Not just minor fender-bender accidents but serious accidents, leaving the families that were riding in those automobiles hurting for years to come. Many never fully recover. Future generations would be impacted by the crashes taking place in this generation. How quickly would people warn us of the danger of those automobiles?

There is an epidemic far more serious than car trouble that is causing many of our families to crash. It is the epidemic of divorce.

We want people to understand that there is hope for a broken marriage. That hope is found in Jesus Christ.

Pastors, we want to come alongside you and support the couples in your church that are in crisis. Marriage restoration takes two willing people, but the journey to that restoration can start with one spouse fighting for their marriage.

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This teaching is Charlyne’s introduction to “How To Stand & Fight For Your Marriage!” Charlyne’s goal is to teach you, a stander, or someone you know with marriage problems, the path to marriage restoration that she has learned over the past twenty-five years.