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Saturday Testimonies

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Below are excerpts from a few of the testimonies we have received in the past week, each shared with the writer’s permission. These are not to tell you how to stand and what to do, but are given here to share how God moves when people are praying. Do you have a testimony to share to encourage others?

The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble. Those who know your name trust in you, for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you.  Psalm 9:9-10

“After many, many years separated and divorced, and many years of her being married to the OP, restoration is looming on the horizon. She has been slowly moving personal stuff into my vacation condo, suggesting furnishings to complete it, and other nesting behaviors like filling the China cabinet with ‘our China and crystal.’ She says ‘I love you’ at end of phone calls before I say it. When asked when she would move in, she said spring to summer. She also said I could stay in her cabin when the kids have a cousin camping vacation this July. It’s not over but getting close. I am patiently waiting on the Lord. I will be retiring soon which I believe is something important to her, for a new start. Don’t give up, the Lord will provide.”  (New Jersey)

So Abraham called that place The Lord Will Provide. And to this day it is said, “On the mountain of the Lord it will be provided.”  Genesis 22:14

“I have been standing for a few years. My husband was an in-home prodigal. I have had many heartaches and came to conclude that our marriage was over and done with even though I knew God was moving in him. I asked him many, many times to leave so my children and I could have peace and not worry about his whereabouts. But I prayed for God not to allow him to leave. Through my journey I came closer to God and always believed that with or without my husband God will provide and not abandon me. But God’s plans are bigger than my dreams. I dreamed one night that my husband was telling me not to worry, he was done with the OW. But I still had my doubts. I let time pass and I asked him one day about it and he confirmed it. It was so sudden, so I only rejoiced in my heart. God did as He promised. He never allowed him to leave because he was going to restore our marriage. I take it one step at a time and praise God for what He is doing! For with God nothing shall be impossible! Luke 1:37. Praise God!”  (Maryland)

“I feel like I have been standing a very long time. I had a moment where again I asked God in prayer about standing. I wondered because he married the other woman and is in another state. As I was driving, I couldn’t believe it – another Covenant Transport truck sighting. This was the first this year, and it was followed by a United truck, and then an Expedited truck. At church, the Bible study switched to talking about the importance of a marriage covenant. The pastor said only death breaks the marriage covenant; that God sees my husband and me still married. With God all things are possible. The pastor said you need to keep praying for your husband and his salvation. What a wakening for me to keep standing!”  (Florida)

“My husband has been with an OW for several years and they have a son together. He has never moved out but is always in constant communication with the OW. I only got to know this from a third party a few months ago. I was so bitter and hurt and started to pray to God to remove this bitterness and hurt! One day, his car had a problem and he wanted to use my car. I also wanted to go out. We ended up using my car and he told me he had to pick up the child with the OW from daycare and take him for a medical appointment. He asked if we could go together, and we did just that. I was at peace! The child is innocent. I don’t hold any bitterness anymore. They are still together though he denies it to me. But I know my God is faithful, in His time! He was so surprised with my actions and he told me thank you!”  (Canada) 

“My (ex) husband’s grandmother died recently and her memorial service was to be in the region we moved from more than a year ago. I took it pretty hard when it became clear I would not be able to attend. But I surrendered it to God and trusted He would use it. A couple weeks later, my mother-in-law sent me the slideshow presentation to be shown at the memorial service and there were so many photos of all of us together as a family, even one with my husband’s arm around me. It was as though God wove me into memorializing her even though I wasn’t there in person, telling me I was still a part of that family. And it was such a blessing to see all those family photos! He is always at work no matter what it looks like. I thank and praise Him for His mercy and love.”  (Nebraska)

“As RMM reminds us often, ‘God does speak to His children.’ I was desperate about my standing recently and prayed a simple prayer, ‘Holy Spirit, please encourage me. I’m so discouraged. Where should I go to the Bible for a good dose of encouragement?’ He then prompted me with 123. I followed through and opened my small Bible to page 123. The first thing I saw was Mark 10 titled ‘The Revolutionary Values of the Kingdom.’ I started reading the chapter and turned the page to 124. I was awed to read Jesus’s teaching on marriage – especially verses 11-12. This is the verse that makes the children of God ‘who have moved on’ uncomfortable, and muzzles the mouths of many pastors who do not wish to offend their congregation. The Holy Spirit’s leading was so powerful. I stood up to praise and glorify His name for the way He comforted me at that moment. God continues to speak to me in many, many ways. Dear stander, please be encouraged!”  (Canada)

So he said to them, “Whoever divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery against her. And if the wife divorces her husband and marries another, she also commits adultery.”  Mark 10:11-12 (TPT)

God bless,


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1 year ago

Praising God for the amazing testimonies! Believing in agreement for restoration of all marriages!

The Cross has the final word
There’s nothing stronger, nothing higher
Nothing greater, than the Name of Jesus
All the honour, all the power
All the glory to the Name of Jesus

The cross has the final word
The cross has the final word
The Saviour has come with the morning light
The cross has the final word

1 year ago

Praise His Holy Name!!! Victory is sure – nothing is impossible with Him.

1 year ago

Anen! Thank you all for sharing!

1 year ago

Praise God. Thank you RMM for sharing these testimonies. He is an amazing God. Amen

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