Fight for your Marriage

john thomas and mary lisa

Episode 50 – The Path to a Restored Marriage and Overcoming Addiction with John Thomas & Mary Lisa

by Charlyne Steinkamp

Fight For Your Marriage Podcast provides a variety of messages from Charlyne Steinkamp and selected pastors and other speakers. We invite you to listen as you desire and let others know what you liked about it below!

John Thomas and Mary Lisa started their marriage like most couples, in love and ready for a long future together. It didn’t take long before childhood scars and addictions started tearing their marriage apart. They share how the Lord not only restored their marriage but delivered each of them from the bondage that addictions had on them. You will be blessed as you hear how the Lord does set people free from all their sins and addictions.

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1 year ago

This was a very helpful and encouraging episode. Each one is wonderful and encouraging but this one (along with several others) really spoke to me. Thank you so much for this amazing ministry. May God continue to bless it and help all the hurting marriages out there.

Rejoice Marriage Ministries
Reply to  Robyn

Thanks for sharing that, Robyn! We are praying for your family.

Staceyann Jones
Staceyann Jones
7 months ago

The part about trusting God for finances and the stewardship that God wants our husband to foster and take hold responsibility. It is a challenge to know how to submit in this way.
I was recommended to listen to this podcast for one issue. Then the issue I was praying for and can’t see any way to solve it. God kept saying give it to me. And finally now I am fully letting go. God is on time. God our Jehovah EllShaddai has the first and final say how this needs to be set.
Thank You Lord Jesus for teaching us how to pray for answers.

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