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What’s Your Lie Language?

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As I was praying this morning, I was struggling to know my next step in both my ministry calling and my marriage. Papers have been served, prayers are up, and hope is hanging on! The Lord led me to Isaiah 36: “Sennacherib Threatens Jerusalem,” and I embarked on another journey of contemplation before heading to work.

At first, I was irritated as I felt led to a passage that to the natural eye had absolutely nothing to do with my current feelings and perceived needs. But I obediently read the passage, hoping to glean some insight into my situation.

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings. Proverbs 25:2

Thank the Lord for His graciousness! After some meditation on this passage, it occurred to me: The enemy will speak to you in a language you will understand, just as the commander did to the people of Jerusalem.

“Please speak to us in the Aramaic language. We understand it. Don’t speak to us in Hebrew. If you do, the people who are on the wall will be able to understand you.” Isaiah 36:11 (NIRV)

Of course, the commander wanted his enemy to understand his threats! He wanted to make sure he could instill fear and doubt inside of the people on the wall.

Our enemy does the same thing. He whispers lies and doubts about God’s promises, strength, and victory in your life. If you struggle with self-esteem while standing for restoration, the enemy is not going to waste his time trying to scare you about finances! He has studied you so he will use something you will understand, like throwing the other person in your face or using your prodigal to echo condemnation about your body or your identity. Learn to speak life over yourself and your marriage. Declare and decree God’s truth about your authority and identity as a spouse, child of God and stander of marriage restoration!

Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. Romans 8:1

Another tactic the enemy will use, as the commander of the Assyrian army did, is to entice your flesh. Do not allow him to sow seeds of doubt, desires of other people or circumstances outside of God’s will for you.

“Make a peace treaty with me. Come over to my side. Then every one of you will eat from your own vine and fig tree. Each one of you will drink water from your own well. You will do that until I come back. Then I’ll take you to a land just like yours. It’s a land that has a lot of grain and fresh wine. It has plenty of bread and vineyards.” Isaiah 36:16-17 (NIRV)

How many nights have you thought “They don’t deserve me,” “I can do better,” “This is NOT God’s best for me”? The commander attempted to appease the flesh of those men on the wall; he spoke to them with lies of fruitful lands, asking them to settle in an attempt to keep them from receiving the VICTORY the Lord was going to give them.

We must be very diligent in understanding our “language.” The way we have spoken to ourselves, the lies the enemy has spoken to us, and the way others have spoken to us becomes our narrative and can be used as a weapon for the enemy. But God’s native language is loving, life-giving and full of truth!

Ask the Holy Spirit to minister to you in God’s language. Pray that the Lord reveals the language the enemy has been lying to you with, so that your native tongue becomes one of love and faith!

“Have the gods of any nation ever saved their lands from the powerful hand of the king of Assyria? Where are the gods of Hamath and Arpad? Where are the gods of Sepharvaim? Have they saved Samaria from my power? Which one of all of the gods of those countries has been able to save their lands from me? So how can the Lord save Jerusalem from my power?” Isaiah 36:18-20 (NIRV)

Perhaps this is a lie the enemy is whispering to your heart tonight; one of doubt in God’s ability or promise to restore your marriage, since so many other marriages (kingdoms) have not been restored yet.

“Why do you think YOUR marriage is any different than the other marriages that have crumbled and haven’t been restored? What makes YOU special?”

I’ve had these thoughts many times during my stand. I believe restoration is near, and I still struggle to believe and receive God’s Words at times. Why? Because we do not know how to receive God’s blessing and favor! We doubt the love our Father has for us but luckily it is not about us; it is about HIM. He gives because HE is good, not because WE are! Rest in that brothers and sisters.

And when the enemy throws a lie into your mind, do you immediately take it captive, or do you allow it to swirl in your brain gathering thoughts to support and agree with it?

But the people remained silent. They didn’t say anything. That’s because King Hezekiah had commanded, “Don’t answer him.” Isaiah 36:21 (NIRV)

What I found interesting about this verse was that it said they remained silent. They did not answer the commander, nor did they talk amongst themselves. If they had spoken to each other what the commander had said, they would have opened the door to fear and doubt! Hezekiah was wise to command them not to allow an open door of communication between their enemy and themselves!

Do not allow the enemy to continue to speak lies into your battle! Suit up in the full armor of God and pay attention to the thoughts coming at you. Victory is on its way!

Audrey in Missouri

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