What do I tell my Children?

I told my children that Daddy had been taken captive by an enemy. He was not thinking and doing things right or as God would want him to do. I taught and read Bible stories to my children and then would use illustrations from the Bible story to help understand the power and the love of God. I believe that our children need to know how mighty is our Lord God. Teach little ones about getting dressed in God’s Armor daily. There are songs you can sing putting on God’s Armor. Sing action Bible songs to show the love and power of their Lord Jesus. I also claimed Malachi 4:6 and Luke 1:17 for my children and husband. Your children need to love the other parent and learn to pray for them. They are being wounded and rejected. We need to take them to Jesus for their healing and God’s love.

These answers have developed in response to questions we have received over many years. May you consult the answers with an open Bible and an open heart, thus allowing God’s Holy Spirit to help you find the truth.

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