Fight for your Marriage

Ep 166 – The Importance of Reading the Bible


We are discussing the spiritual discipline of Bible reading in today’s episode. There are many benefits to reading God’s Word, which we will discuss. We also share a few tips on how you can interact with the Bible and tools to use if you would like to understand better what it is saying.

The Discipline of Solitude

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Cecilia Esparza
Cecilia Esparza
6 months ago

Thank you so much for this podcast!!🙏 I been fighting for few months to keep standing up or giving up on my marriage. In May, I got divorce papers and since then I don’t have the feeling or desire to pray for. I’m trying to stay close to GOD fir me, for my family but not for my marriage. I listen to this was the answer I was waiting from GOD that why HE wasn’t answering me 🙄. THANK YOU SO MUCH. GOD BLESS YOU 🙏❤️

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